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In 2010 I was given the “gift” of Stay at Home motherhood.  For almost a decade I defined myself as a “working mom with three kids”.  Most moms cherish the ability to stay home with their kids. . . I cried for two weeks terrified I would have no idea what to do with these three beings I brought into this world.  I could not fathom what to do when I didn’t have daycare as a buffer between them and me.


As time went on I realized there was a whole lot of SH*T my stay at home mommy friends hadn’t told me about this stay at home mom (SAHM) thing.  I quickly learned that I had to come up with ways to entertain my kids so that they didn’t kill each other, or worse, destroy my house.

I started my blog recoveringworkingmom.com shortly after I became a Stay at Home Mom and while I was still working part time.  I began to share my observations and stories in the hopes that someone would validate I’m not the only one who struggles with days when my greatest accomplishment is getting on clean underwear and a hairbrush through my hair (I’ve stopped attempting either of these things with the children).

Along the way I worked outside the home less and less and spent more and more time volunteering and trying to entertain the children and get them to their MANY activities.  I quickly became a Runamuk mom running after my kids constantly and never able to keep up with everything that I got myself into.

CSM_4245 (2)

And the blog became runamukmom.com with a focus on Fun, Charity and Health ~ all the things I am constantly juggling and struggling with.

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The blog now contains stories as well as tips and tricks I’ve learned along my journey from competent, post graduate educated career mom to mush brained blundering mommy who is NOT smarter than a 5th grader!



I also must introduce the “cast of characters” that blessed me with this Runamuk Life, and who put up with me sharing bits and pieces of them (some of which they are not happy about)! 

 Wedding photo - Version 2

Husband from Heaven (HFH) – who had no idea (and is still very apprehensive)
about what he got into when he said “Will You Marry Me?”


The Superego – the creative one who had us running amuk
when she started to walk at 10 months


The Ego – the sensitive one who is always surprising us


The Id – the little firecracker who cracks us and herself up!



About the Author

In 2010 I was given the gift of answering to THREE bosses (aka my children), rather than continue to work full time outside the home. This site is about my journey of self discovery, and self deprecation as I realize I’m not smarter than a 5th grader. Enjoy the blogs and resources, share your stories with me, and check out my book. Hopefully at the end of the day you can laugh too (some days that’s all that keeps me from crying)!!

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