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Mommy and the Trifecta like to party!  We are also so grateful for all that we are blessed with.  In 2012 mommy implemented the tradition that rather than receive birthday gifts from their friends the girls would select a charity and would ask their guests to bring various items to donate to their selected charity – Altruism isn’t born.  This then became a tradition that whenever the girls host a party, we donate items or make crafts to give to a selected charity that is related to the theme of the party.  It has now become something that the girls and their friends (and parents) look forward to.

Following are a few of the parties we’ve hosted and charities we supported.  We enjoy this tremendously and are so happy when we visit the charities.  If you want ideas for charities you can support through these types of efforts, please e-mail me at and tell me your party theme (i.e. a Horseback riding party could support a therapeutic riding non-profit; a swim party could support a coastal clean-up non-profit, and the list goes on.  If there are any types of charities your child likes or things they might be interested in, I can provide you thoughts and ideas for that angle as well.

Valentines Day – We made valentines for Foster Children at the Polinsky Children’s Center

Spring Fools EggCinco – Egg Hunt – We collected household items and gift cards to help Just In Time for Foster Youth – these are young men and women who are “aging out” of the foster system start a new life and get their first apartment.


4th of July – We made “Happy Independence Day” cards for Wounded Warriors


Back to School party – we collected school supplies for a local indian tribe

Hallo-giving Chrismakuh – We collected extra candy for soldiers overseas, items for Thanksgiving Food Baskets, and new toys for Toys for Tots.


Birthday parties – (The Superego has had two birthdays since we started this.  The other two have had one).

Girls Inc.  The Superego has collected stuffed animals for Foster youth “because everyone deserves a cuddly friend” and this year she collected gift cards, art supplies, nail polish, beauty items and snacks for Girls, Inc. – a non-profit that empowers underprivileged girls to be Bold, Strong and Smart!

The Ego collected pajamas for Foster Youth at the Polinsky Center “because every kid deserves warm jammies”.

P1020689  The Id collected brand new shoes for the children at the Polinsky Center “because the kids asked for shoes on the radio and we should give it to them”.

And for the Holidays each girl selected a different charity to donate their “charity piggy bank” to.  It was only around $14 per child, but it made the charities so happy and they were so gracious.
IMGP0738 – Toys for Tots

IMG_0641 – Food Bank

IMG_0640 – Helen Woodward Animal Center

We are always looking for new ideas, things to try and organizations to support.  If you have an idea and you want to share it, please e-mail me at

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