Gen X Mom in a Millennial World . . . Part 2!
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So now that we’ve had a chance to digest and laugh at my induction to the You Tube World, as I indicated in the last post, there was too much to fit in to one post, and it seemed only appropriate to start this post with the end of the VidCon conference and a fantastic movie that came out recently:

Nerve – you can see the movie trailer here.

Nerve is a great movie to go see with your kids and to then have a conversation about the extraordinary possibilities and terrifying dangers of the Internet. It’s fictional, of course, but I don’t think it’s too far off where we’re going!  It also reminded me that if I start getting large infusions of cash into my bank account, I am NOT to believe what my kid tells me about them!!


Bean Bag Chair

Finally found a comfortable chair!

And, check out SilVRthread – they created a virtual reality game based on the movie that even I was entertained by (and first time ever I haven’t gotten motion sick with one of those things). Don’t I look as cool as my kid?!  Ok, maybe my mom sweater and her uber buff arms give me away, but otherwise we look the same!

Silvrthread     Kenna Silvr

As I said last time, I’m scared sh*tless of social media, but VidCon wasn’t all about You Tubers and their crazy antics (think car chases, drinking water from their dirty shoes, waxing their faces with candle wax, and on and on), there were also some incredible people I would have cheered for, and now here’s my chance.

This Star Won’t go Out –


This is Esther Grace Earl’s mom Lori – we got to know Esther Grace because VidCon founder and author John Green’s book “Fault in Our Stars” is dedicated to her. Esther’s mom Lori is a wonderful woman and Esther’s book “This Star Won’t Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl” is beautiful! This Star Won’t Go Out, as featured above, is a non-profit started by Esther’s family to support the families of children with Cancer.

Uplift – Online Communities Against Sexual Violence –


This amazing group, along with #HackHarrassment is an effort started by Lady Gaga and others to stop sexual violence on social media. #brilliant

Harry Potter Alliance –

Harry Potter Alliance

This organization makes “activism accessible through the power of story”. By using Harry Potter books as their starting place, they have read-a-thons to encourage literacy and use references to the books and characters, to engage their members in civic action projects important in their communities.  #loveit

These and so many other non-profits have been supported by the Project for Awesome.  This is an effort every year by the You Tube community to raise money and awareness for organizations like these.  So far they’ve raised over $1.5 million. While I’m pretty sure none of these booths would have showed up in my kid’s Instagram feed, they are in my “feed” because they are . . . well, awesome!!

VidCon Super Secret Decoder Ring

And now I’ll close with what I call the VidCon (and quite possibly the Millennial) Super Secret Decoder Ring.  Shhhhh, don’t tell any of them I told you.

Here are some of my favorite decoded messages:

  • ATM – is NOT where you get money; it’s At The Moment
  • BRT – is NOT a muppet on Sesame Street; it’s Be Right There
  • Mom/Dad is NOT a reference to your parent; it’s a way to identify your favorite You Tube star.  Do NOT get me started on the wrongness of this!
  • DFTBA- is NOT the draft for the NBA; it’s Don’t Forget To Be Awesome – this is a record company started by John and Hank Green (Founders of VidCon) that now sells merchandise, games, and much more! The phrase was made popular by John and Hank in their vlog brothers videos and has even been used by President Obama.
  • Vlog – this is a video blog, duh!! And by the way, my spell check doesn’t even know that’s a word!!
  • TMI (Too Much Information) and MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) – are NOT found anywhere in a millennial’s vocabulary. NOTHING is off limits for this generation!!

When I asked the Superego why she loved VidCon she said

“It’s a place where everybody accepts you for who you are.”

And when I asked why she watches these You Tubers do ridiculous things like get pie in the face or hot wax on their face or drink water from their dirty shoes, she said

“Mom, these are real people doing real things that all of us think about doing and they show what really happens. It’s not scripted or made up”.

I have finally accepted that Pandora’s box is open and I can’t put my girls in a tower somewhere like Rapunzel. So, while I’m still as clueless as ever, I’m also more motivated than ever to crack the code on You Tube and how to support my child’s social media presence within parameters that I’m comfortable. Met some pretty awesome mommas while at VidCon and we have some things up our sleeves, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this cute video the daughter of one of my new VidCon mom friends made about You Tube “slang”.  How else would I have gotten that secret decoder ring!

And, because I’m curious about this too – in your opinion, what’s the best thing about our kids having social media as a tool?

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