Gen X Mom in a Millennial World. . . Part 1
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Ever wondered what happens when you put You Tube stars + 15,000 teeny boppers in one convention center?!  . . . You get 5,000 wide-eyed chaperones who are wondering where the earplugs are and whether Elvis has just entered the building – oh wait, maybe it was just me who felt that kind of overwhelm!!

In a moment of weakness the Superego convinced me to take her to VidCon 2016, or what I like to call “Millennial Mecca”.


I spent the weekend hoping to find the “Holy sh*t it’s loud in here” emoji.  Apparently they don’t have an “over 40 years old” collection.

Ever since I left the conference I have the following song on repeat in my head – cuz we are living in a Millennial World and I am NOT a Millennial Girl! Yeah, that’s right, I just pulled out a modified Madonna reference to express how lost I’m feeling in this You Tube world. Can we go back to that mid-80’s Material World?! It’s my safe place.

Me at 13

Oh yeah, I mean like THIS feathered hair, horizontal stripe, collared shirt wearing material world. Where did those days go?!  This is what I looked like at 14 circa 1988.  My kid . . . yeah, you’ll see what 14 circa 2016 looks like!

It’s no secret that I am scared sh*tless of social media. And when my kids are on it, my blood pressure goes through the roof. And no, the irony is NOT lost on me that I’m using social media for this blog right now. But, don’t judge, just laugh at me and enjoy my continued ramblings below.

Unfortunately for my terrified soul, I gave birth to a Superego growing up in a You Tube world and after much begging, pleading, cajoling, and pulling out the old “mom, it’s for my birthday”, I bought the tickets to a THREE DAY conference having no idea what it was about and what we’d see.

VidCon sign

After this experience, I have at least come away feeling that I have a small, no, really, really small glimpse into my kid and her generation, and shhhhh, don’t tell her I said this – I had a little fun of my own.

But, I did spend most of the weekend thinking to myself “does the X in Gen X mean Xtremely lame, cuz I don’t get it.”  So, on that note, I thought I’d share just how you will know you are a Gen X mom in a Millennial World:

  • If you’ve ever walked through a Convention Center and seen

A Horse



A Panda Bear




A Unicorn

NO, you have not been ruffied and are not hallucinating, you are at VidCon. Oh, and by the way, DO NOT get caught by the Grimm Reaper.

Grimm Reaper

Pretty sure this kid knew I was taking his picture and as a matter of fact he wanted me to!!

  • If you’ve ever felt your heart reverberate in your chest, and had immediate onset of a headache, no, you are not having a heart attack . . . you are at VidCon and you sat too far into the middle of the auditorium where Connor Franta just entered.  There haven’t been screams that loud or high pitched since Elvis left the building for the last time.

And no, don’t feel bad if you just looked at your 14 year old to ask “who’s Connor Franta?” I spent the entire weekend annoying the Superego with “who’s that?” “What do they talk about?” “Why do you like them?”

So, for your benefit, here’s Connor and why he’s “Flawless” . . . well, not really.  He’s actually a great guy – really humble, and this is his take on people’s perceptions of him as “Perfect”, and how he’s not perfect.

  • If you’ve ever put bright metallic lipstick on so you could feel more part of the action . . . You are at VidCon and have given yourself the best gift ever – embarrassing your child to no end. She refused to walk in with me. It was HER lipstick!!

Purple Lips

  • If you’ve ever waited an hour and ½ for each of the following:



Katy Kat

Katy Perry lipstick 


Sweet Tarts 2 Sweet Tarts 1
Sweet Tarts

You have NOT fallen into a Willy Wonka time machine. . . you are at VidCon – and you clearly are trying to stay out of the auditoriums for fear your eardrums may burst!!

My kid stayed with me for the cupcake, but I was on my own for the other nonsense.

Here’s something no one would probably admit – in order to get that lipstick, I had to post my picture to my social media – which, of course, was only Facebook. I timed it, it took me 32 minutes to figure out how to hashtag and post it. The very patient girls working that booth probably wanted to give me a “VidCon Virgin” tag!

  • If you’ve ever stood in line for two hours to let your child be hugged by a grown man and it’s only later that you realize when he handed “only her” an autographed t-shirt he MAY have been flirting with her. . . You are at Vidcon.  I swear it was as if she was waiting for One Direction, she was so excited.

Dom 1
Do you figure I’m the only one who noticed she was as tall as him?!

  • If your child has ever shown you this

Dan & Phil

And you look at her and say “who are the kitty cats?” only to have her roll her eyes and say “Duh mom, it’s Dan and Phil” . . . You are at VidCon.

I’m so sorry, I really should have known that! . . . is what I said out loud.  The bubble over my head was saying “Well who the F*#& are Dan and Phil?” I found out later when I followed the screams to the auditorium where they were talking. Sat there for 30 minutes – I STILL don’t know who Dan and Phil are, but don’t tell my kid that.  I want to try and look cool.

  • If you see a long line outside the Starbucks

Starbucks original

Do NOT turn to your child and say “we can’t go to the Starbucks, the line is too long”. You will look like an @$$ when you realize the line isn’t actually for a Carmel Macchiato, it’s for THIS guy

Starbucks dude

Nope, no idea who that is, just know he was more popular than Starbucks.

  • If you’ve ever looked at kids in a booth playing this game

Wet Head

And the only thing that occurs to you is “this is a parent’s worst nightmare – how many lice filled heads have put that on today”?! And your kid says “OMG mom, that’s the game that JennxPenn played on her video, can we get it?!” . . . You are definitely at VidCon, and you are MOST DEFINITELY a Gen X Mom in a Millennial world.

I can’t say I’m any less clueless than I was before the conference, but the Superego and I had a lot of fun, for very different reasons.  Because this blog was already getting way too long, in my next post I’m going to share the resources I got from the conference, including the meaning of the Project for Awesome and how we as parents can empower our kids to use social media for good, not evil!

But, before I go, I thought I’d share with you what MY VidCon Instagram feed would have looked like . . . that is, if I had an Instagram – right now the account on my phone is the Superego’s account!  But, I think she’d stop speaking to me if I posted these to her account:

parent lounge

Where the cool kids hang out . . . Oh, and those who don’t know how to take selfies. #photofail



Look kids, I found a medieval form of Snapchat! The words are written in water and they will disappear before I can get someone over here to see it and believe it.  #brilliant


             Makeup counter Clueless Makeup
Look, free make-up – which is lucky because clearly I didn’t put any on today!! #momwasreallytired

Free Hugs

Oh look, Free Hugs . . . and it only took me 7 tries to get her in the frame because apparently I have a hard time with mirror images . . . oh, and seeing my face in selfies. What’s with my look of disgust and the crow’s feet?! #NotHot!!!

After my experience, I’m now really curious to hear from other parents, what is your greatest concern about your child/children on social media?

#vidcon2016,  #genxmom, #millennialworld

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