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So now that we've had a chance to digest and laugh at my induction to the You Tube World, as I indicated in the last post, there was too much to fit in to one post, and it seemed only appropriate to start this post with the end of the VidCon conference and a fantastic movie that came out recently: Nerve - you can see the movie trailer here. Nerve is a great movie to go see with your kids a
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Ever wondered what happens when you put You Tube stars + 15,000 teeny boppers in one convention center?!  . . . You get 5,000 wide-eyed chaperones who are wondering where the earplugs are and whether Elvis has just entered the building - oh wait, maybe it was just me who felt that kind of overwhelm!! In a moment of weakness the Superego convinced me to take her to VidCon 2016, or what I li
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So it’s Mother’s Day month, and just in time for Mother’s Day Meghann Foye has published her “Me-ternity” book where she’s advocating for time off work for "childless" people for self reflection and re-setting your life. Ummmmm, in case my maternity leave was a bit different than others, last I checked, “I’m so glad I had so much “me” time during my maternity leave”. .
So what happens when mommy gets a bug up her @$$ about the absolute train wreck that is our house 15 minutes after the cleaning lady comes (yes, I have one of those once a week - don't be a h8ter)?!  Mommy starts aiming for every corner of the house and tries to remove all the excess sh*t that she didn't notice in the pre-holiday clean up that happened just four months ago. And, for sh*ts and
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It's the month of luck and leprechauns and all the other shenanigans we create primarily for our kids (and by the way, how hilarious is my kid that she was willing to get into a bucket for this photo.  If she wasn't yelling so loud and I wasn't laughing so hard, I would have taken a photo of us trying to get that off her @$$)! As I went through this month thinking about luck and leprechauns
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